/TDA Team

TDA Team

Topological Data Analysis Team

  1. Driss Bennis, Fac. Sciences, Rabat
  2. Driss Gretete, ENSA Kenitra
  3. Mohamed Abdou Elomary, FST Settat
PhD Students
  1. 2017–Present : Hajar Bouazzaoui in co-advisory with M.A. Elomary.  Persistent Homology and  its applications in Machine Learning
  2. 2017–Present : Imane Bichara, in co-advisory with D. Gretete.  Persistent Homology and  its applications in Medical Imagery
  3. 2017–Present : Armel Maganga Mihindou in co-advisory with D. Bennis.  Persistent Homology and  its applications in Cognitive Theory
  4. 2016–Present : Ghita Lebbar, in co-advisory with D. Bennis. Persistent Homology and  its applications in GeoTech
MsC Students
  1. 2017–Present : Amal Akkari,  Persistent Homology and  its applications in Biomedical Data Processing
  2. 2017–Present : Zakaria Lamine,  How persistent homology can be useful in predicting proteins functions